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An Affiliation of Mental Health Professionals & Practices

An Affiliation of Mental Health Professionals & PracticesAn Affiliation of Mental Health Professionals & Practices

About Us


In 2017, Tayla & Bill decided to venture forth in the private practice world, by establishing a location in which a group of individual providers could work together, without the historical problems faced by larger community mental health agencies.  They decided to implement a plan in which their organization would manage individual office spaces to these private practitioners and practices who, like themselves, wanted a simple office space in which the practitioner could pursue their dreams of being in private practice.

Since that time, Everest has grown from two upstarts, to an association of private practitioners, each with their own specialty and approach.  A third partner was added in 2019, and with the addition of Alex, this triad, allowed for greater access to our tenants.  We continued to expand our available office space by opening a new suite in September of 2019.  This affiliation provides each practitioner the opportunity to have readily available, an immediate referral source, as well as the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer consultation quickly.  


What We do



We offer a full suite of individual offices to those licensed independent practitioners and licensed practitioners of the healing arts.  We are also tasked with maintaining beneficial relationships and interactions among the various providers.  Allowing each of us to conduct our profession alongside like-minded professionals, and with the support of practitioners from varied experiences and treatment approaches.



Handling tenant matters can be stressful and time consuming. Our goal is to increase occupancy and decrease hassle. We work towards finding people who will respect your work, maintain professional relationships, and work towards helping you reach your goals as a private practitioner.


Short-Term & Part-time Rental

We work with individuals who may be seeking only one to a few days per week in the office, who do not want the commitment of a full-time office for an extended lease period.  We have therapists who reserve time by the 1/2 day, to those who only need an office for 2-3 days per week.  In addition, many of the current tenants are open to the possibility of sub-leasing office space, and this would be a case-by-case consideration by each respective full-time tenant.  However, even short-term and part-time practitioners enjoy the benefits of an "in house" referral system and the reassurance of peer-to-peer support.